Hanging Circle


* Easy to hang in the home or car
* Made using recyclable materials
* Powerful lasting fragrance

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Hang up a Scent Bomb Hanging Circle in your car to keep it smelling great for weeks! They look great and make a bold statement of freshness! The Hanging Circles are MADE IN THE USA using top quality fragrance oil and recyclable packaging.

TIP: To extend the life of the product, cut the top of the bag open leaving the product inside the clear bag. Hang the product while still inside the clear bag in the desired area. Every so often as you want more smell, you can slide the Hanging Circle up out of the package a little more and more. Keeping it in the bag like this will allow you to have control over how much fragrance that you release and really make it last a lot longer.


Black Bomb, Black Cherry, Clean Cotton, Hawaiian Blue, Mango Tropical


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Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest or use internally.


Use as directed.  Oils contained in this product can stain or damage wood, plastics, painted surfaces, and may leave residue on hard surfaces.

Product Specs.

Item description: 1 Scent Bomb Hanging Circle air freshener
Quantity: 1
Diameter: 2.75” inches


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