About Our Company

CareCo LLC has been in the business of creating quality products since 2005.  We began manufacturing and distributing Scent Bomb air freshener in 2010 and it has since become the fastest growing product in our line.  We manufacture the Scent Bomb product on the simple
principal of bringing the best possible quality of product to customers.

We do this by making Scent Bomb air freshener with 100% fragrance oil.  Other companies will add fragrance enhancers, alcohol, or chemicals to their formula that will increase their profit margins.  These are the chemicals in air freshener that often cause people to choke up or have poor reactions to the product when it is sprayed. With Scent Bomb we keep our oil 100% pure and simple.  This makes for the longest lasting and best smelling air freshener that you can find.

Since the success of our spray bottles, we have introduced other products to the Scent Bomb line, but they always follow the same principal of offering the best possible quality product and letting the customer decide what they want to breathe.  Our customers have been amazing and we are grateful for their support….but this is just the beginning!